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Sportybet Kenya free bets and bonuses september 2020

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Sportybet Kenya betting BONUS

SportyBet welcome offer: make first deposit and get up to KES 1000 bonus

SportyBet increases rewards for first deposit. Hurry up to register and deposit money to your account to receive unbelievable discounts gifts of up to KES 1000!

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special offer
Sportybet Kenya betting BONUS

Invite your friends to SportyBet and together get cool rewards

Together, it’s much more fun to bet on sports. And SportyBet will also give you great rewards for each of your invited friends! Sign up and start playing now!

Get a bonus
Expires27 october

offers Sportybet Kenya

Offer Bonus amount Promo code
special offer SportyBet welcome offer: make first deposit and get up to KES 1000 bonus active
special offer Invite your friends to SportyBet and together get cool rewards active

All About SportyBet Kenya – Best Online Betting Site

SportyBet is an International online betting powerhouse with branches across the world. The company has a reputation of customizing their products to fit a certain geographical area. In Africa, they started with Nigeria before venturing into Kenya. The betting company is licensed by the BCLB to carry out a variety of sports and live betting. The registration process is simplified and the payoffs and jackpots are massive.

Foundation Date: 2007
Founder: Sudeep Dalamal Ramnani
License: Kenya Betting Control and Licensing Board
Products: Live betting, Jackpot, online sports betting
Bonus: Deposit gift, rafiki gift, Karibu gift
Live Chat: Yes
Country: Kenya, Nigeria
Opening Hours: Available 24 hours, 7 days a week

Advantages of using SportyBet:

  • Interactive and friendly Mobile app
  • Fast and simple login process
  • Safe and secure way to bet online
  • Large jackpot payouts
  • Ability to bet on vary small amounts

Online Registration and Login to SportyBet

SportyBet has what we call “gifts” for first time registration and deposits. Once you login to SportyBet you get a “Karibu gift”; this is applied once for each account. The cash gift is given without any spending condition while the voucher gift gives you discounts when placing bets.

The company has an order of gifts for deposits ranging from Kshs. 150 to 1000. You should use your gifts within the first 6 to 12 days depending on the prescribed schedule. The rafiki gift is for those who refer their friends to the SportyBet website.

You can become registered for SportyBet games through various ways – SMS, online and Facebook registration. Once you go to their website, you will find various links at the top part of the site.

There is a button written register then Facebook. This option allows the website to pick up your Facebook details and use them for the registration process. This SportyBet signup process is simple and fast.

SportyBet Login Guide

In case, you are worried about sharing some of your information through this way, you can opt for the SportyBet sign in through the following steps.

  • Click on Register button and a popup box appears
  • Enter your phone number
  • Create a unique password for use on the site
  • Click on create account
  • The account login automatically means you have agreed to terms and conditions
  • The company will send you some confirmation code which you use to confirm account
  • Once confirmed, you can now start betting.

For those who do not have the privilege of access to the internet there is the SMS registration. Again this is a fast and secure way to SportyBet login. In Kenya, send the word “Join” to the 29123. Here the registration process is done automatically for you and you will get some confirmation SMS shortly.

You can now use the Sporty Kenya login details sent to you via SMS to start betting on the site.

You can also register through an invitation from a friend. In this case, type in R# followed by the inviters phone number (no spaces in between). Send this SMS to 29123.

Shortly, you will receive a confirmation SMS from the SportyBet online betting company. Included in the SMS will be your computer generated username and password. You can change this once you login to the site. Be on the lookout for amazing welcome gifts.

Review of SportyBet Website

The Sporty website is clean and easy to navigate. You do have so many ads filling up your space. Most of the labels are located on the top part of the website for easy access. You also get a countdown timer that shows you how many days and hours are left for the expiry of the Jackpot. There has been a lot of improvement from the old SportyBet site. You will have all the information about live betting, sports games, live score, promotions and results clearly displayed on the site. The Site is very popular with English premier league matches and the occasional Champions League games.

The login process to the site is straightforward and requires minimal personal information. In fact, you do not need an email address for login just your phone number. The process is also simplified through an automatic Facebook login feature. For those who are unable to access the website, there is a simple SMS login process that automatically adds your account details once you subscribe to the service. In our SportyBet review, we however noticed some shortcomings to the site. The company does not support Airtel money. This can be a problem for those not on Mpesa. In case you have any queries, you can go directly to the FAQ section or send management an email.

SportyBet Bonus Offers

The Sporty Bonus is structured in such a way that it gives an incentive commission whenever you invite a friend to join the platform. The reward system also has what the company calls gifts. The SportyBet registration bonus consists of “Karibu gifts” where you get a gift worth anywhere between Kshs. 150 to 1000 whenever you make your first deposit. The welcome bonus will often consist of a free gift of Kshs. 20.

If someone has referred you to the site, they get a 20% commission. You will get a SportyBet referral code to use in your next transactions. For example, if you refer 10 friends and they each make bets of 100 each then your commission is 20%*1000=200. Ensure you redeem your code before it expires. The company is also known for SportyBet free bet which are advertised on the company’s website. You will know your signup bonus during the registration process.

Note, that this applies to only one account and is applied once. The rest of the deposit bonus is subject to a schedule of deposits and to requisite terms and conditions stipulated by the company. All the SportyBet promo code should be used before their expiry date and are not transferable.

SportyBet Jackpot

The jackpot is a players opportunity to win some bounty cash prize. At the moment the SportyBet jackpot bonus is at Kshs. 5 million. To win in the game you have to predict the outcome of 12 games selected by the betting company each week. On the website you will have a countdown of the days and hours left to the expiry of the jackpot. The results are posted on Monday of each week.

If you want to participate in the bonus jackpot all you need is have at least Kshs. 50 in your wallet. Players who don’t succeed in the correctly predicting the 12 games correctly are offered various consolation prizes based on their predictions of 10 or 11 games. Not everyone has the capacity to correctly make predictions and that is why SportyBet have the “Jackpot rush” which is a computer generated prediction tool.

SportyBet Payment Processing

Creating an account is restricted to persons over the age of 18 years. The SportyBet promotion relegates a maximum payout of Kshs. One million for sports while there is no limit for jackpot payouts. Withdrawals are limited to a maximum of Kshs. 70,000 per day. Fees will depend on the withdrawal amount but for cash amounts less than Kshs. 500 you are charged Kshs. 16.

The main way through which you can make deposits to the SportyBet site is by Mpesa. Mpesa happens to be the largest mobile transfer platform in the country. It is safe and fast. Here are simple steps to use Mpesa for deposits.

  • Open you phone and go to the SIM too kit
  • Click Mpesa
  • Select the Paybill payment option
  • Key in Sporty Business no. 202202
  • Enter the Account Number SPORTYBET
  • Enter the your betting amount (the minimum is Kshs. 10)
  • Key in your Mpesa pin and complete transaction
  • Mpesa will send you a confirmation SMS with keyed in details
  • Now go to the SportyBet online site and place your bets

Online Deposit

  • Send an SMS with the amount you want to deposit to 29123
  • In the SMS type deposit#(deposit amount), example deposit#500. Enter 29123 as SMS recipient
  • You will be sent a link to enter your Mpesa PIN
  • This authorizes the payment and you should get a confirmation SMS
  • The confirmation SMS will have amount sent and SportyBet Balance

If you get lost in the registration process, you can call the customer care numbers for more about SportyBet deposit details. The company has yet to roll out an Airtel Paybill so this can be a downside for those who are familiar with the mobile payment platform.

Note: Mpesa has a daily maximum transaction value of Kshs. 140,000 with each transaction limited to a high of Kshs. 70,000. You also cannot withdraw less than Kshs. 50 from the platform. Mpesa also has scheduled withdrawal charges, which are available on their platform.

How to withdraw winnings

Withdrawal of winnings is very simple if you are logged in to the SportyBet website. Go to “My Account” and click on Withdraw option. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and the withdrawal option. Once you request is approved, you should get your winnings credited to your Mpesa account.

SportyBet MobileApp

If you want to keep betting on the move then get yourself the SportyBet Kenya App. The app is available on Google app store and is available for download for Android 4.0.3 and above. One of the benefits of the app is you have all your key betting labels readily available to you whenever you need them. The Sport app free download does not consume a lot of space and isn’t bundle intensive. The SportyBet Kenya Apk allows thousands of gamers gain access to the company’s website without needing a computer. In addition, you get most of the features in the Sporty app for windows like ability to login to your account, manage your bets and cashout on bonuses.

The Sporty app download is available for most types smartphones. In case of difficulties check your phone settings and allow app downloads. You can download SportyBet app for PC at the website under the banner “App Hot”. After downloading we found that the labels are located on the left side of the website. This makes it easy to navigate as most people are right-sided. The buttons and labels easily fit on the mobile screen and one does not need to stretch their eyes for visibility.

The Sporty mobile app download also comes with attractive colors for enhanced visibility at night or under direct sunlight. The Sporty download also has a search feature where you can get information on teams and results. Apk download also has login, register, betslips and open bets buttons. The app loads fast and once cookies are loaded onto your phone you should find it easier to navigate. On the downside the company does not have a download SportyBet app for iPhone. While this is sad, most Kenyan mobile users are on Android and thereby benefit a lot from the app for Android. In other countries where the company has a presence you will have the iOS app but for Kenya’s they will have to wait longer for a SportyBet for iPhone. The apk is interactive, simple and bundle conservative.

SportyBet Live Betting

SportyBet comes with an interactive live betting section. The graphics and user interface are on point. You get gaming categories on the far left of the screen. Here you have various SportyBet online betting games like football, tennis, rugby, volleyball, cricket among others. The middle section shows you live results during gameplay. At the bottom of the middle screen, you have a section where you can make your bookings. You get a whole set of live updates like attacking positions, single view and multi-view. All these is delivered through the site match tracker.

User Opinion

SportyBet is quite impressive with its ease in the registration process, its interactive app and the ability to engage in live betting for a number of games. The SportyBet jackpot is a great way for one to win a bountiful of cash by placing a very low betting amount. The site is simplistic in design and you do not struggle getting the right information. Overall, this is a great way to spend your time watching a relaxing football match while knowing you could win some cash at the end of the game.


SportyBet online betting has grown to become one of the most popular betting sites in Kenya. The company has tailor made its SportyBet offers to match Kenya’s betting population. This means they have made the betting amounts as low as possible so that anyone can participate. The ability to make deposits through Kenya’s number one mobile transfer application – Mpesa – means the game is available to a large part of the population. The payouts are exciting and is guaranteed.

Contact and Customer Support

The customer care teams at SportyBet Kenya are professional and friendly. You can contact them 24/7 all through the year. In case of a dispute you can first send them an email: or call them at 020 764 0825. You can also send the word “help” to their SMS number 29123. If you do not get help for your queries your matter will be referred to an arbiter. The SportyBet Promotion is subject to terms and conditions by the BCLB.

SportyBet FAQ

How safe is it to place bets on SportyBet?

The company is licensed by the BCLB under Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act, Cap 131. The biggest mobile transfer company – Safaricom - handles mobile transfer payments with great care. As long as you have followed the terms and conditions for the company, you shouldn’t worry about losing any of your SportyBet games winnings.

What is the minimum age for placing bets with SportyBet?

The betting company only allows persons who are above the age of 18 years to place bets. This means you will need a national identification card to possess a SIM card and be registered for Mpesa. The company takes great care to protect minors from betting and they will insist on proof of identification before you are allowed to engage in any SportyBet offers.

How do I withdraw my winnings from SportyBet?

If you have won some bets and want to withdraw your money, visit the “My Account” section of the Sporty website and click on “Withdraw”. You will be asked to enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Next, click “Withdraw Now” and your winnings will be sent directly to your Mpesa account. A subsequent confirmation SMS is sent to you.

How should I handle disputes/complaints on the site?

If you have a complaint first try contacting customer care team at or call them at 020 764 0825. If the team is unable to handle your dispute satisfactorily, then SportyBet will refer you to an arbiter. The decision from the arbiter is final. Note that the laws of Kenya apply to any disputes that you maybe having with the company.

Can one place bets through SMS on SportyBet?

Yes, you can through sending an SMS to the number 29123. To place a single bet for a game type GameID#result#stake to 29123. You can also register, deposit, sign, and check your balance by sending SMS to the number. Normal SMS charges are applied any time you want to know all about SportyBet through SMS.

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