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Elitebet Kenya free bets and bonuses september 2020

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Elitebet Kenya betting BONUS

Do not miss the chance to double your winnings with Elitebet Multibet Bonus

Make a multibet from 5 to 9 matches to get a 10% bonus, from 10 to 19 matches to get a 50% bonus, or over 20 matches to get a maximum 100% bonus. Bet really profitable in Elitebet!

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special offer
Elitebet Kenya betting BONUS

EliteBet SOSA bonus: get rewards on Friday for regular bets throughout the week

Nothing is easier than getting Friday SOSA Bonus! Just bet all week and get cool prizes every Friday! Offer valid for all active EliteBet players.

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Elitebet Kenya betting BONUS

KES 100 as a gift for every referred to Elitebet player

Take advantage of Elitebet Mabeshte Bonus! Just recommend this bookmaker to your friends and get KES 100 bonus after they make a qualifying bet!

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offers Elitebet Kenya

Offer Bonus amount Promo code
special offer Do not miss the chance to double your winnings with Elitebet Multibet Bonus active
special offer EliteBet SOSA bonus: get rewards on Friday for regular bets throughout the week active
special offer KES 100 as a gift for every referred to Elitebet player active

All about Elitebet Kenya - best online betting site

Elitebetkenya is the place to be when you love to place the occasional sports bet. With sports such as football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey and rugby to bet on, sports fanatics can definitely find their regular spot at Elite bet Kenya. If you wish to know more about Elitebet in Kenya, be sure to read on!

Company name: Elitebet Kenya
Opening year: 2015
License: Kenya Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB)
Welcome bonus: Promo code
Minimum bet: 1 KSh
Deposit methods: Online – Text
Withdrawal methods: MTN
Currency: KSh
Cash out: Available
Mobile version/Mobile app: Mobile compatibility of the website
Live bets: Unavailable
Support: Email, Telephone

Even though Elitebet betting site offers less in terms of live betting, Elitebet games do provide something that not many other providers do, bet cancellations. You can also take advantage of stake refunds from time to time; this makes this betting site a wonderful choice for many local players.

Online registration and login to Elitebet

Getting an Elitebet login is easy, as you simply need to register and account with this bookmaker. To get your login account, simply follow the simple registration steps below.

Sign up bonus Elitebet

At the time of this article, there is no dedicated sign up bonus when you create a new Elitebet Kenya login. However, it is important to note that there is a promotional code option. If you can find a promo code to join this website, which could give you a bonus when you use your Elitebetkenya login, be sure to enter this promo code during your sign up or your sign in.

Registration methods

Generally speaking, there are two ways to obtain an Elitebet login account, more specifically through online registration or text message. To register and to login, follow the comprehensive login guide below.

Since there are two methods to gain access to the betting site, we will provide a range of registration and login steps for each one.

Elitebet login guide

Mobile. It is possible to register for this website via text message. To register, simply send your Elitebet deposit to the number 850700 with yout account number. Then, the company will send you a pin number, which you will use to gain access to “my Elitebet account”. Simply use the PIN and the gain access to the website. Once completed, you will have access to the full range of Elitebet virtual games that are available.

Online. To register online, simply click on the registration button, which is found in the upper right corner of your screen. You will be taken to a new page where you must enter your account information; this includes your name, phone number, PIN and other details. Then, hit the register button to start playing.

To access your account and start betting on this betting site, please follow these login steps:

  1. Enter your username and pin in the right upper corner of your screen.
  2. Click on login.
  3. Start betting!

Review of Elitebet Website

Elitebet can be a little like British marmite, you either love it or you hate it. While there are positive features such as Elitebet football and the Elitebet club, there are some things that may turn away sports betters. So, who is this website for?

This website is for anyone who likes a steady and local spot to bet with. With extra features such as SMS betting, mobile wallets, and affordable jackpot bets, there are many reasons why people may make this site their regular spot.

One the flipside, the amount of sports that you can bet on is quite limited. Originally, players could only bet on football, but additional sports such as tennis and rugby have now been added too. However, it still does not match up with some of the larger betting providers.

Despite its limitations, Elitebet is a great local spot. If you have been wandering around from sports better to sports better, but never found a steady spot, then you may find a permanent home at Elitebet Kenya.

Elitebet Bonus Offers

Since it is one of the smaller betting providers, it is no surprise that it can be a little tricky to find an Elitebet bonus. Nevertheless, you can still gain access to an sign up bonus by using a matching promotional code. Once you become a member on the website, you may also encounter the occasional free bet.

Elitebet Jackpot

Finding a jackpot at Elitebet is easier than you might think, because the website has its own section with jackpot games. For example, if you want the jackpot this week, simply check the relevant section on the website.

You will find that joining an Elitebetkenya jackpot is not that expensive. In fact, this website offers some of the lowest bets for jackpots, which can be quite lucrative for those who do not want to spend a lot but win big.

Elitebet Payment Processing

You can deposit and withdraw funds through M-Pesa. As this is a common payment method for online casinos in Africa, most people will already be familiar with it. If you aren’t, please check out overview for deposits and withdrawals.

  • Head over to the M-Pesa menu and Lipa Na M-Pasa.
  • Find the Elitebetkenya paybill link and enter the pay bill number 850700.
  • Enter the account number.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  • Add your M-Pesa Pin and confirm the deposit.

Deposits on Elitebet are made instantly and you will receive a confirmation text. However, there is a minimum deposit amount of KSh 10.

To withdraw from your account, please follow these steps:

  • Go to your account and then head to your account history and withdraw.
  • Enter the amount you with to withdraw and then submit your request.

Please note, you can withdraw through SMS as well by texting “W amount” to 29210. The minimum withdrawal amount is KSh 50 and the maximum KSh 140,000 per day.

Elitebet Mobile App

If you wish to download the Elitebet app, you may have some trouble finding the app free download. This is not unusual, especially when you consider that there is no Elitebet app download option at the moment.

So, if you are looking for Elitebetkenya apk, you are out of luck. However, the website does have mobile compatibility and it is expected that the website will develop its own app once the site starts growing.

Elitebet Live Betting

At the time of this review, there is no Elite bet live betting option. Evidently, this is something that could potentially turn players away. Nevertheless, the refunds and the option to cancel does provide more benefits than some other websites.

User Opinion

There are many things to love about Elitebet, but there are certainly some shortcomings. The lack of live betting and the minimal amount of sports to bet on can be a turnoff for certain betters. However, the refunds and option to cancel are very attractive.

Of course, there are definitely reasons why Elitebet Kenya should be a consideration. One of the most attractive features is the low bets on jackpots. If you want to win big but do not want to pay exuberant amounts of money to join the jackpot pool, then Elitebet could be a good option for you.


Elitebet could be considered as quite a niche website that attracts a certain type of player. Of course, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Many players can find a home with this site, especially those who like to play on the occasional jackpot and don’t want to deal with anything overly complicated.

Contact and customer support

There are several ways to contact customer support. Below, you will find the available options at the time of this article. However, since Elitebet can update its details, keep an eye on the contact us page.

  • 0703 065 003
  • 0705 201 537
  • 0736 458 065


To ensure you have all your bases covered, be sure to read through some of our frequently asked questions below.

Does Elitebet charge for its services?

Elitebet charges a deposit fee, which you need to consider when you make a deposit for betting. The minimum deposit amount is KSh 10. Deposits are charged instantly and players receive confirmation text immediately after charging their account. The good news is that casino does not charge any withdrawal fees.

What should I do if I have a complaint?

When you have a complaint, you can easily get in touch with Elitebet customer support team, of which you can find the details in the customer support section above.

If you decide to contact customer support, always make sure you have your information on hand. It can also be helpful to write down all the questions you have, so you can make sure the customer support team can support you fully and you can return to placing your bets in minimal time.

How old should I be to register at Elitebet?

To register at Elitebet, you need to be of legal age. Evidently, different countries and regions can have different legislation where legal age is concerned. Therefore, you must check the legislation for your current area to ensure it is legal for you to place a bet. You should select your year of birth during the registration.

How do I bet via SMS on Elitebet?

As we briefly touched upon already, it is possible to bet via SMS. If you wish to place a bet via SMS, please follow the next steps.

Format your message with Match Code # selection * stake (the amount you wish to bet). For example: 5025#1*100. Once you have formatted your message, send it to 29210. You can also place a bet on multiple matches. For example: 6425#1+2600#2+1850#0*70. When in doubt about how to place a bet, you can find a more detailed guide on the betting website.

How to pick up my winnings?

There are several ways to withdraw your winnings from Elitebet; this includes text as well as online. If you wish to withdraw your winnings online or by SMS, you need at least KSh 50 in winnings. Please note that you can only withdraw KSh 140,000 per day.

You can withdraw from your account by heading to your account history and clicking on the withdraw link. Simply enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click on submit to get the money in your account instantly.

If you want to withdraw via text, simply send W (amount) to 29210. Like the online version, the minimum withdrawal amount is KSh 50.

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