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Betika Kenya free bets and bonuses september 2020

special offer
Betika Kenya betting BONUS

Betika Stake Back Bonus: cashback on lost multi-bets for all players

If 1 or 2 bets from your multi-bet do not match, then you will receive a bonus of bet amount. The promotion involves all multi-bets of 7 events with odds of at least 1.5.

Get a bonus
Expires25 october
special offer
Betika Kenya betting BONUS

Start winning even more using Betika app with free downloading

Great news for all online betting fans! Download Betika mobile app absolutely for free and place bets at any time and in any place convenient for you!

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Expires25 october
special offer
Betika Kenya betting BONUS

Share your bets with friends and get a chance to win up to KES 100,000

Betika Bet-Sharing Promotion will help you enrich yourself without extra effort! Make a bet with a total odds of more than 4.99, share it on the Internet and take part in the draw of ineligible cash prizes.

Get a bonus
Expires25 october
special offer
Betika Kenya betting BONUS

Up to KES 200 000 played out every day in Betika Sababisha Jackpot

Do not miss the opportunity to pick a really big jackpot! Place bets from just KES 10 on 7 fixed events, guess the results and get just a huge payout. In total, you can make up to 10 jackpot bets per day.

Get a bonus
Expires25 october

offers Betika Kenya

Offer Bonus amount Promo code
special offer Betika Stake Back Bonus: cashback on lost multi-bets for all players active
special offer Start winning even more using Betika app with free downloading active
special offer Share your bets with friends and get a chance to win up to KES 100,000 active
special offer Up to KES 200 000 played out every day in Betika Sababisha Jackpot active

All About Betika Kenya – Best Online betting Site

Betika is a sport betting company that offers users an interactive betting experience. The Betika betting online site offers players various soccer bets and live betting games. The product offering is expansive with various games on offer while the website is intuitive and easy to place bets. The betting amounts are low while the payoffs are really good – especially the jackpots.

Foundation Date: 2016
Founder: Shop and Deliver Limited
License: Kenya Betting Control and Licensing Board
Products: Shikisha, Jackpot, Sababisha, Lucky 6
Bonus: Registration bonus, daily reload bonus
Live chat: Yes
Country: Kenya
Opening Hours: Available 24 hours, 7 days a week

Advantages of using Betika Online

  • Allows betting on small amounts
  • large jackpot amounts
  • Players can choose from a variety of games
  • Simple registration process
  • Legit bonuses to entice new users
  • A safe and secure betting site with reputation of honoring pledges

Online Registration and Login in Betika Kenya

The company offers new users a registration bonus of Kshs. 25 bonus whenever they register onto the site through SMS on their 29090 number. You also get the bonus if you register through their site or by dialing *644#.

There are two main ways through which you can register to the Betika betting site login. The first method is the easiest and is through SMS.

If you do not have a Betika account you can start by dialing *644#. If you do not have internet access or find the online registration forms cumbersome, you can follow this SMS registration procedure.

  • Send an SMS with the word BETIKA to 29090
  • You should get a confirmation message for Betika get in
  • Use the instructions in the SMS to login to your account
  • Your account will automatically be created so you can start playing immediately
  • Start placing bets for online playing

Login to Betika website is simplified through easy to find icons.

  • At the top right side of the website there is the icon written register. This is for first-timers.
  • A popup screen appears for the Betika sign up
  • Here you will key in your phone number and account password
  • Anytime you want to go to the Betika online login you use this password
  • A confirmation SMS code will be sent to your phone
  • This code is essential to confirm the authenticity of your phone number

The next time you want to visit the site just go to login in and enter your details with a password. The registration process is simple and fast and you should start betting immediately.

Review of Betika Website

The Betika online betting site is simple to use. Once the page loads up, click on the “Register” button on the right side of the screen. You will then be directed to a pop-up screen where you can add your phone number and password. The website is clean with minimal chatter or irritating popups.

In case you can’t navigate your way through the website there is the Betika live chat at the bottom right of the screen for customer support. On the site you get a list of current soccer bets and a banner displaying the current jackpot amount. It is easy to navigate with visible buttons. Compared to the old site this one makes it really easy to find information and start betting immediately. The new site has compressed some of the numerous buttons on the homepage to a simple drop-down box called “more”

Betika Bonus offers

Bonus is a generous way for the company to appreciate new players to their betting site. The bonus is offered through a point system. The moment you register you are awarded Kshs. 25 by dialing *644#.

You also get a bonus of Kshs. 50 whenever you reload your account with Kshs. 500. This is a daily bonus just applied once per day. The Betika free bet should be used for placing bets within a 180 day period from receipt date. After this, the bet expires.

You should take note that you are not allowed to withdraw your bonus just the winnings. If you do not claim your bonus within 90 days then the bonus expires.

Betika Jackpot

The current company jackpot is for Kshs. 100 million. The betting amount is Kshs. 60 inclusive of excise duty and you need to correctly predict 17 matches. The large jackpot has made Betika best online betting site in Kenya.

The company also has the midweek Kenya shillings 15 million jackpot that comprises 15 games. The company also determines bonuses that are awarded based on those who make 12, 13 and 14 correct predictions.

The requirements for placing the midweek jackpot is only Kshs. 15 and you can place as many bets as you wish.

The company also offers the JACKPOT DOUBLE COMBINATION BET. In this instance, the new Betika website allows those who have been making multiple bets for the jackpot to combine them into one single bet. For the bet, you get to place a 3 per bet maximum number of double combinations.

What happens if the Jackpot is canceled?

Should you place your bets and later the jackpot game is canceled, the company will carry out an official public draw within the last 48 hours from when you had the jackpot game. The aim is to get results for the missing game. All the Jackpot bets can be made either through the website or the mobile app.

Betika Payment Processing

Betika fastest online betting is supported by two of Kenya’s leading mobile money transfers companies for easy and fast bets. You can use the mobile transfer platforms to deposit and withdraw money. Normal money transfer fees apply and you will need to be familiar with it.


This is the most popular money transfer method in Kenya. The process of depositing and withdrawing money is very simple. Payments made reflect instantly and you can start playing on the Betika Kenya immediately.

To use the service:

  • Go to the Mpesa Menu on your mobile phone
  • Click on Lipa Mpesa
  • Select Paybill number
  • Enter the Betika Paybill number 290290
  • Enter your desired betting amount
  • Enter you secret Mpesa PIN
  • Click Ok

You can now go to the Betika best online betting site and update the deposited amount. The site is synchronized with Mpesa and you should start playing immediately. In case the amount does not reflect make a call to relevant customer care staff for assistance.

Mpesa has a maximum account balance of 100,000. It also imposes a minimum transaction amount of Kshs. 50 and a maximum of Kshs. 70,000. You cannot do daily transactions amount beyond Kshs. 140,000.


It is very simple to deposit money to your account through Airtel.

Here are the procedures:

  • Go to the Airtel Icon on your mobile phone
  • Choose - Make payments
  • Click on Paybill
  • On dialogue name of business enter BETIKA
  • Key in your desired deposit amount
  • Enter your Airtel PIN

The deposit is instantaneous and you should receive a confirmation message from Airtel and Betika company.

The minimum transaction amount for Airtel Money is Kshs. 50 and maximum of Kshs. 70,000.

Note: Mpesa and Airtel Money only operate in Kenya Shillings and are available in designated countries.

Withdrawing money from Betika

If you want to withdraw your winnings type WITHDRAW#AMOUNT and send SMS to 29090. You can also log in to the website and click “withdraw”. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click “withdraw now”.

When withdrawing money, note that the minimum amount is Kshs. 50 and this does include the bonus. Withdrawal charges apply depending on the amount.

Betika Mobile App

Access to Internet access in Kenya is mostly through smartphones. This is the reason the company introduced the easy to use App on both Google Play Store and App store. The application comes in handy as it is not bulky and requires very little internet bundles to run.

To download the mobile Betika app, you can go directly to the website and click on the App download. This should direct you to either Google Play Store or App store depending on your mobile phone. You will then be requested to allow the app to synch for permissions. The mobile app is small and does not consume a lot of space or battery power on your phone.

Once installed, you can login or register on my Betika website and start placing your bets. The app has an intuitive user interface that is very easy to use. It has been optimized for mobile and so the buttons are visible and clear. App Betika allows you to carry with you all your soccer bets while on the move. As long as there is internet access you can keep on winning.

Betika Live betting

If you want to engage in live betting load the website and on the homepage, top menu bars click More button. This gives you a drop-down menu with the Live menu at the top. This menu is very different from the company old site. The display page will show you several ongoing games from international soccer, ice hockey, snooker, tennis, volleyball to table tennis. Betika fastest live betting allows you to place instantaneous bets as the games go live.

You will notice that in Betika betting live the most popular games are the soccer ones. If you have downloaded the app you can follow live on the move. The score board will contain scores from half time to full-time goals.

The Betika live betting login just requires the same password you use for placing your other bets on the webpage. Should you want to increase your odds of winning in games you can place multiple bets on different games. Live betting offers players more opportunities to make money on the site.

User Opinion

Betika Kenya is a great way for one to place bets while they enjoy their favorite game. The registration process is superfast and players will start playing within a short time. Users love my Betika due to the minimum amount of bets which is quite budget-friendly. For as low as Kshs. 50 one can place bets and increase their odds of making some good cash. Mobile app is easy to use and allows you to follow games on the move.


Betika online betting site has become of the most used betting sites due to its simple registration process and low betting amounts. The site offers an array of games that are targeted at a larger audience of players. The mobile app is user-friendly and allows players to carry with them their bets on the move. It is easy to download and consumes very little data bundles. The customer service team is friendly and you can always access the Betika live chat on their website for fast resolution of queries. Overall, this is a safe and secure site licensed by the BCLB.

Contact and Customer Support

You can contact Betika Kenya through their phone numbers 0729290290 or send them an email on The new Betika site now has a live chat that you can get basic information on registration and placing bets. The Live Chat is available on the bottom right part of the screen and requires one to enter their name, phone number and email to get customer support.

The support team is courteous and you should be receiving feedback within 30 seconds. If you have problems with your bets and the customer care team is not helpful, you can contact the head of betting operations office. Here they will try to resolve your complaints within 48 hours. If you are not satisfied with their decisions you can take your complaints to the Betting Control and Licensing Board. When taking this course of action ensure that you have read Betika terms and conditions and you are in no way in violation of any one of them.

Betika FAQ

How safe and secure is Betika?

Firstly, the Kenya Betting and Licensing control board license the site. This means there are several stipulations the betting site has to comply with to ensure users are not ripped off. Betika Kenya has several payout distribution points across the country where you can get your winnings with an Identification card. Loading betting money on Mpesa and Airtel is safe as long as you do not share your PIN numbers.

What is the minimum age for placing bets at Betika?

To place bets at Betika website you need to be over 18 years. You will also need an identification card to withdraw your winnings or load up money for bets on Mpesa. The BCLB sets the minimum age for placing bets in Kenya. To operate Mobile transfer transactions you will need to be over 18 years and registered with the mobile provider.

Can I place a bet through SMS?

If you do not have internet access, you can simply send an SMS with the word BETIKA to 290290. In this instance, you avoid any lengthy online registration forms and your account is automatically credited with your details. The company will send you some follow up SMS to complete your registration process. If you are playing for the first time, open an account by dialing *644#.

How do your forward complaints on Betika?

Company website has a live chat for complaints. You can also send an email through or call them on 0729290290. If this does not work you can visit their offices and talk to their Head of betting operations. Disputes are resolved within a 48 hour period. If all your efforts to get redress fail, you can visit the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) offices.

What are the charges for using Betika services?

You are subject to SMS charges of Kenya shillings 2. However, one is not charged to make deposits and withdrawals. You are also not charged anything during the Betika Kenya registration process. Payouts are subject to withholding taxes stipulated by Kenya Revenue Authority and Betting Control and Licensing Board.

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